About JTW

2012-05-26 14.21.29I am a citizen of London, a resident of the North London Borough of Barnet. A husband and a dad.

A Masters Degree Holder from Warwick University. A Foster Carer (well the missus is the main Carer really).

Those are some of the ‘labels’ out of the way ….

Let’s try a few more ……

I believe in God and the interconnectedness of everything (wow, that is deep).

I am proud and grateful for my Christian (the Evangelical, Born Again variant) background or beginnings (if you like).

But I have since outgrown or plain dismissed a lot of that belief system and world view.

Ok, that is the ‘deep stuff’ dealt with ….

.. So to really know ‘About JTW’? … well that is the question ….. and perhaps the answer lies in the thoughts, words expressed in the pages and posts of this blog ….

Sorry I can’t offer anymore than that (assuming you are still reading).

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